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          GOFORM W705  is a winter friction tire adapted to changing conditions of urban winter weather. The numerous edges of the tread blocks offer efficient acceleration and grip on an icy road or on packed snow. When driving on loose snow, the grooves pick up snow and ensure confident braking. The tire was specifically designed to offer an enhanced grip and to ensure driving comfort.  The tread rubber is manufactured using last generation compounds with an enhanced content of silica which results in softer tires and in good performance in extremely low temperatures, as well as in better grip and traction on ice, snow, and on a wet road in thawing weather.  The tire family was developed to feature a novel winter tread pattern with a more uniform distribution of flat spot pressure. This improves grip and traction, adds stability and makes the tire more responsive when accelerating and maneuvering. The increased area of tire-to-road contact allows to reduce significantly the brake way compared to products of the preceding series. An impeccable non-studded winter tire. Excellent performance and attractive aggressive styling – these are the reasons to buy GOFORM W705 tires. The non-directional tread pattern helps to reduce the brake way.  Enhanced acceleration and maneuvering performance. The tire shoulders feature an open design and, what is more important, the express functionality of the blocks forming the shoulder zone. Owing to the transverse location, massive size and considerable height of the blocks, the tire offers good stability in maneuvering and confident grip in fore-and-aft acceleration.

GoForm W705 Tire: Description.

            The developers of the GoForm W705 winter tire drew inspiration from works of their Japanese colleagues. However, they were able to avoid a direct lift, which, along with novel materials used, allowed to obtain a product having more than attractive quality-to-price ratio.

           Special Micro-Pumps on the Tread. Virtually all tread blocks have special holes. In elevational view, they have a falling drop shape that makes them function, while contacting the road surface, like simple pumps drying the flat spot. This ensures a better grip, especially on an icy or a wet road.

           Enhanced Grip on Ice. This model, though studless, demonstrates confident performance on ice. This is possible due to multiple grip edges on the flat spot. The edges are mostly formed by wave-shaped blades placed at various angles all over the tread. Additionally, their shape limits substantially the lateral mobility of the blocks which, in its turn, increases skid resistance.

            GoForm W705: Main Features:

  • improved grip on ice during the entire lifespan owing to special micro-pumps that dry the flat spot and to multiple blades cut through the entire depth of the tread;
  • large quantity of quadrangular blocks forming five longitudinal ribs that ensure good roadholding and responsiveness, on one hand, and improved grip and traction on snow, on the other hand.

        Soft Elastic Rubber for Driving Comfort. This rubber, though non-studded, holds the road well, ensures comfortable and confident driving, and has a long lifespan. Owing to the multi-level quality control and computerized testing, this non-directional tire competes adequately with many expensive high-grade products from world renowned manufacturers. The tread was expressly developed for operation in the harsh weather conditions of Russian winter, so it retains the necessary elasticity even in particularly low temperatures.

       Minimum Noise, Maximum Performance. The tread pattern features large blocks that ensure excellent vehicle stability even on a snowy road, and zigzag-shaped blades with wide water channeling grooves that protect the vehicle from skidding and hydroplaning and improve its roadholding ability. The massive blocks allowed the manufacturer to reduce the driving noise, so, driving is comfortable both for the driver and for the passengers. A vehicle shod with GOFORM W705 tires does not resist rolling, so a significant fuel economy is achieved.

The special composition of rubber based on improved silica ensures a longer lifespan. GOFORM W705 winter tire – reliability is not necessarily expensive!

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    Нормально отъездил два сезона на старой машине, думаю еще на 2-3 сезона мне бы ее хватило. Пора переобувать новую машину, опять покупаю goform, нравится соотношение цены и качества.

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